Getting Away from the City

Off to France again very soon with all the added stress that goes with travel There are still a few last minutes bits to do but we are ready to go. It’s funny but as the time to leave comes nearer I feel a strange longing for the normal everyday chores that normally I don’t give a second thought to. Every little detail seems so sharp and significant and filled with meaning that I wonder why I have to go away. I think it’s just a deep awareness of being in the present moment. Actually, I will be glad to get away for awhile because there has a been a big change in the landscape here recently. Buildings are being renovated, extensions are springing up and the noise from all the work in progress has been very unpleasant so the sanctuary of a quiet French village is what I crave right now.

As I write this, the wind is whipping the leaves from the trees en masse. Last week we were remarking that they were all still green and clinging to the trees but within 7 days it’s all happening, Autumn is here. It’s still mild though and I’m grateful that there is calm weather forecast for the next week especially as we are sailing down through the Bay of Biscay, an area well known for its stormy seas. But the forecast in France is good and if the warm air continues to drift in from Spain we should be in for a good few weeks,



Another day

All my plans have fallen by the wayside at the moment because I have another cold. I left for France with a cold and returned with one, or maybe it’s the same virus that just lay dormant, who knows? Whatever it is it’s making me feel wretched. So I am taking a bit of time out to rest and gather my thoughts.

It’s been along Winter and a damp and dreary Spring ,and with the Summer Solstice  almost upon us  we need some sunlight and a bit of warmth. It rained a lot while we were  in France. Almost every day there was heavy cloud cover obscuring the mountains. Once, it rained so heavily and got so chilly that  when the clouds finally cleared there was a light dusting of snow on even some of the lower hills. It didn’t make for an enjoyable trip and for the first time I was really pleased to come home again. Certain events while we were away have caused me to rethink a lot of things and I have decided to create a blog about our experiences in France. You can find it here or on the menu bar.

I hope to get back to doing some art work now I’m home. Lot’s of ideas but as always, it’s the doing rather than just thinking about it that is the most powerful.

In Transit

I am now making plans to go to France having just got back from a whirlwind trip to the Netherlands I am off again. I rather like being in transit; always on the move but never settling for long. I thought about this on my last journey as we headed through Belgium, I always seem to be just passing through this country en route for somewhere, usually Germany but only once have I ever stayed there. My next transit country will be Spain as I will getting off the ferry in Bilbao and once again just passing through on the way to SW France. It’s not that I don’t want to stay there, it’s just the time and lack of money that prevents it but I’m not complaining I feel very fortunate to be able to travel and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

However, today I am slightly weary with a developing cold, there is a scratchy feeling in my throat which is only soothed by lots of warm drinks so I have to take care, annoying really because I escaped having a cold all winter and’s my body signalling a rest time. Enough for the moment, will be in transit again very soon.

More bread is required

More bread is required

Another journey

I have been away, taking a trip with Eurostar across to Belgium and then Holland & Germany. It was only for 3 days and some of it felt like a pilgrimage because I was returning to places that have meant a lot to me in the past and it felt as if I was coming home. Visiting Aachen cathedral again was wonderful, beautiful gold mosaic ceilings which I tried to capture with photos but sadly, they came out a bit blurry.

I have been to Maastricht in Holland twice before and the last time I was there, one late Autumn day in 1996 I vowed that I would be back again in the Spring. Well, it took me another 15 years but I got there in the end and it was worth it, a lovely place to visit, people are so kind and friendly and I will definitely return again soon.

Now I’m busy planning for my next trip to France. So much packing and also I have to work out which art supplies to take with me. There are quite a few things there already but as usual, I want everything!Aachen Dom ceiling It’s always the same, whenever I start something in France the stuff I need is usually back at home. I will have to learn to improvise, but I still need to plan. Getting the balance right is so hard.