Getting Away from the City

Off to France again very soon with all the added stress that goes with travel There are still a few last minutes bits to do but we are ready to go. It’s funny but as the time to leave comes nearer I feel a strange longing for the normal everyday chores that normally I don’t give a second thought to. Every little detail seems so sharp and significant and filled with meaning that I wonder why I have to go away. I think it’s just a deep awareness of being in the present moment. Actually, I will be glad to get away for awhile because there has a been a big change in the landscape here recently. Buildings are being renovated, extensions are springing up and the noise from all the work in progress has been very unpleasant so the sanctuary of a quiet French village is what I crave right now.

As I write this, the wind is whipping the leaves from the trees en masse. Last week we were remarking that they were all still green and clinging to the trees but within 7 days it’s all happening, Autumn is here. It’s still mild though and I’m grateful that there is calm weather forecast for the next week especially as we are sailing down through the Bay of Biscay, an area well known for its stormy seas. But the forecast in France is good and if the warm air continues to drift in from Spain we should be in for a good few weeks,




Haven’t meant to stray so far away from my blogs but when I get inspiration to do other things, the computer lies gathering dust.

We are having a spell of warm humid weather at present but that seems to set to change again at the weekend and it’ll be back to cool and showery. It’s amazing how a small rise in temperature can affect moods and well being, for the past two days I feel a heaviness pressing down on my head. This usually occurs before a thunderstorm but there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon and now the sun has appeared. Well, it’s back to arty things now and hopefully, I will return, next time with images.

Looking for the muse

Just easing myself into the old routine again and trying to get my muse back. It’s a long time coming but there’s a slow but sure trickle of ideas beginning to seep through my foggy brain. I have just managed to rid myself of this cold, no more nose-blowing and throat scraping which was driving me mad so I hope now it is time for clarity and resourcefulness.

More than before,

There is still time to do all the things I have to do I tell myself, but not today. Today I have to rest and allow my body and mind to re-align, heal. I realise that when I made plans to go away and throw myself into a whirl of activity, that I had not consulted or informed my body what was being inflicted upon on it. There has been a continuous stream of endless mind chatter and not much room for anything else, so I surrender. Surrender to the idea of this cold virus, which has slowed me down, is actually giving me some space to heal and acknowledge the truth about situations that I have allowed to control me.

So, although it seems as if I sit here doing nothing – I am actually doing more than before.

All my crazy ideas will still be there in the morning. It’s all ok.


Feeling a bit low because of this cold that is rapidly turning into a cough. Just how much fluid am I expected to drink? I was craving some honey but I found that all the old stuff had crystallized into sugar, I don’t eat much of it although I do like it, but this is what happens when  honey is left untouched for months. Why do I have to get a cold now in the Spring, too much mental congestion and now I’m reaping the rewards of too much going on. I am hoping that I will be ok on the ferry, at least I can rest for a few hours on there.

All my packing is done, except for the books which will require a lot of thinking, but I can’t go without a large supply of reading material, but I must remember to look up from the page sometime.

Breathing space

The cold that began with a sore throat is busy burrowing itself down towards my lungs and creating a tickly cough, damn it! I really don’t have the time  for all this now but I know that I will have to acknowledge it and take some breathing space.  So much to do but having stared at all the clothes put out to sort through I now realise just how much I have, something to remember when I get into thoughts of lack.