From the Garden

poppyyellow rose two watercolour sketches from the garden, pink poppy, yellow rose.



Haven’t meant to stray so far away from my blogs but when I get inspiration to do other things, the computer lies gathering dust.

We are having a spell of warm humid weather at present but that seems to set to change again at the weekend and it’ll be back to cool and showery. It’s amazing how a small rise in temperature can affect moods and well being, for the past two days I feel a heaviness pressing down on my head. This usually occurs before a thunderstorm but there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon and now the sun has appeared. Well, it’s back to arty things now and hopefully, I will return, next time with images.

Seeking inspiration, finding time.

I am seeking inspiration from the past. Gleaning ideas from fragments of painting, architecture, and sculpture from the renaissance and medieval period of history. I am attempting to put together a series of sketches, paintings, and also make some jewellery that reflect those eras. My intention is to work on this for awhile which will take me away from the Internet and drag me back to my place at the art table. However, this is me doing several things at once, like a juggler, I am also writing a blog about my experiences in France so that’ll keep me occupied. So in fact, I will still maintain a presence here after all.

Blue Shutters, French Dreams has just taken flight,please bear with me while I nurture in its fledgling state!

Looking for the muse

Just easing myself into the old routine again and trying to get my muse back. It’s a long time coming but there’s a slow but sure trickle of ideas beginning to seep through my foggy brain. I have just managed to rid myself of this cold, no more nose-blowing and throat scraping which was driving me mad so I hope now it is time for clarity and resourcefulness.