More than before,

There is still time to do all the things I have to do I tell myself, but not today. Today I have to rest and allow my body and mind to re-align, heal. I realise that when I made plans to go away and throw myself into a whirl of activity, that I had not consulted or informed my body what was being inflicted upon on it. There has been a continuous stream of endless mind chatter and not much room for anything else, so I surrender. Surrender to the idea of this cold virus, which has slowed me down, is actually giving me some space to heal and acknowledge the truth about situations that I have allowed to control me.

So, although it seems as if I sit here doing nothing – I am actually doing more than before.

All my crazy ideas will still be there in the morning. It’s all ok.


Another day

All my plans have fallen by the wayside at the moment because I have another cold. I left for France with a cold and returned with one, or maybe it’s the same virus that just lay dormant, who knows? Whatever it is it’s making me feel wretched. So I am taking a bit of time out to rest and gather my thoughts.

It’s been along Winter and a damp and dreary Spring ,and with the Summer Solstice  almost upon us  we need some sunlight and a bit of warmth. It rained a lot while we were  in France. Almost every day there was heavy cloud cover obscuring the mountains. Once, it rained so heavily and got so chilly that  when the clouds finally cleared there was a light dusting of snow on even some of the lower hills. It didn’t make for an enjoyable trip and for the first time I was really pleased to come home again. Certain events while we were away have caused me to rethink a lot of things and I have decided to create a blog about our experiences in France. You can find it here or on the menu bar.

I hope to get back to doing some art work now I’m home. Lot’s of ideas but as always, it’s the doing rather than just thinking about it that is the most powerful.

The Return

Have returned from my my month away and am busy playing catch up. I was unable to access my wordpress account while away so I have to make up for lost time, but first I need to rest up and ease myself back into UK life. Back soon.