Today everything seems out of balance. I feel woozy and headachey but that is just a residue from yesterday.  All that anxiety and stress had built up in my system and now I just feel like a rest.

Today is also my mother’s birthday – she is busy cooking an enormous lunch as only a German can for a friend- and she appears to have more stamina than me at present. Sadly the bitterly cold weather continues so there will be no sunshine on her birthday just the occasional snow flurry but that’s OK, it’s all really.

Yesterday, I took my friend for a hospital appointment,  she has a problem with her ear and so was going for further investigation. We imagined that she would receive a initial diagnosis and all would be well but the results were unclear and now she has to have a scan so the mystery continues. She has having dizzy spells, I have been having dizzy spells and it all seems to stem from the inner ear. How delicate is the mechanism that keeps us upright, that reacts with lightening speed, sending messages to the brain that keeps us balanced. when that goes wrong, our whole world goes spinning out of control.  Both of us have been suffering from a lack of balance in our daily lives so this is like a reflection of our inner state of mind – out of kilter and viewing things from the wrong perspective.  It’s a difficult thing to right though without causing further upheaval, but personally, I am going to push for a change and a restoration of some balance within.

I am posting a photo to remind me of Spring!

Cherry Blossom Time


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