Well, I had a most relaxing day yesterday doing what I love and that is drawing. I have almost completed my pencil drawing of Chester the cat who is absolutely adorable and gorgeous and I kept wishing he was mine. My last cat – Lucy – died six years ago now. She was 17 which is a good age but it’s still heartbreaking to let them go. Since then I have a cat free house which is an empty house but because I am travelling to France a lot it would be difficult to keep a cat, however, I secretly wish a stray one might appear one day. Let’s just say I wouldn’t turn it away. There are cats a plenty where I live in France, feral, stray and not stray, but they all know where to go for a good feed and that’s my place. They come from miles around, one little cat decided to have three lots of kittens in my back garden at one point, we ended up feeding them all. Sadly, they all disappeared , being feral I suppose they just went off to fend for themselves. I tried picking one up one day – big mistake – it fought like mad and I got badly bitten.

I don’t know why I’m writing about cats, I didn’t intend to but ok. I’ve finished the cat drawing, so here we are….Chester  “I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little they become its visible soul.”  Jean Cocteau


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