There were more things going on today than I could cope with, plus it was cold. This morning when I woke up I felt cold inside and out even though I should have been warm in bed and that set the tone for the day really, my body and mind felt too cold for anything. What I really wanted to do was sit upstairs in my art room and potter about but I had promised to go and visit someone, then another friend was asking if I could alter a card for her, whatever that means, then someone else wanted to call round  and there was shopping to do and….etc etc. Why am I so mean to myself when it comes to giving? Some of it is procrastination and fear, but maybe I just don’t feel worthy enough to allow myself the space to write or paint or whatever,  I must – as Julia Cameron said in one of  her books – slam the iron door shut on distractions.  As I type this I can see a Lindt chocolate bunny and a Thornton’s Easter egg  just sitting there waiting to be eaten, oh dear, so much to do!


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