I’m Aries and I’m strong, nothing gets me down for long.

It’s Good Friday morning and we have sun, blue sky and fluffy white clouds, just how I like it. Sadly, that cold east wind is still with us keeping temperatures low. This has has always been my favourite time of year, the Spring, maybe because I was born in March this time has always been special to me.

This year, in Britain and for a lot of mainland Europe, we have been in the grip of this icy blast of bitter cold weather from the east and for the first time I let it get to me. The endless grey skies, the cold kept me prisoner indoors, only going out when I had to. Now I am not a mamby-pamby person who shrivels at bad weather so this was unusual for me. Perhaps it was all the stressful events from last Autumn that finally caught up with me, which I don’t want to discuss here and now, maybe, or just that the house was so cold. Whatever it was, I am waking up now after a long wintry night of the soul, and, despite the cold ready to get back out into the lifestream.

One of my favourite memories is of one Good Friday  when I was 5 years old. My mother’s friend and her daughter came to visit from Germany and they brought with them those coloured papers that you can decorate eggs with. I had never seen these before and was fascinated by them. It was so much fun dyeing boiled eggs all different colours, we ended up with too many which we had to eat afterwards, I don’t think my mother was very pleased. Evie, the daughter, who was 10,  was very artistic and I always loved it when she came to visit. She was very talented and a big influence on me when we used to sit together quietly doing our drawings, I don’t remember speaking much, we were both shy and preferred the silence. I can  still remember that Good Friday, running along the road near the fire station, in the  bright sunshine and Evie was just ahead of me her pigtails flapping in the breeze as she ran, and I can still feel that bubble of happiness that rose up within me, that feeling of freedom and being alive in the moment. I think that somewhere inside I am still that same little person with the bubble of happiness in her heart.

I will be busy today, a friend is coming to lunch so there is lots to do. It is also my fasting day. I have decide that at the moment, as I am on the fast diet that I have become a diet bore so why not make a page of it and bore everyone silly. That aside, it appears to be working and so I had to keep up my routine of fasting two days a week, I think Good Friday is an appropriate time to abstain.


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