It’s officially Spring in the Northern hemisphere, but it’s a long time coming. Winter is still holding us in its icy grip and shows no sign of letting go. I am longing for some early Spring sunshine and glimpses if blue sky but I feel trapped under leaden grey skies and mauled by a bitter east wind. Because it’s so cold I have felt unable to create, I just do what I have to do to get through the day and then creep into bed early. My brain seems to have frozen and my thoughts muzzy. “It was much colder than this when I lived in Berlin.” my mother keeps saying. I know this, but here in Britain we’re not used to it. Maybe if I lived in more northerly climes I would adapt too but as for now I’m feeling resentful, which is pointless because you can’t fight against the weather. So, on Monday which was my birthday I woke up to icicles, grey sky and snow, and that was just in my bedroom. We made the best of the day though and gradually my brain began to thaw, maybe I can adapt after all.

Now the Easter break is almost upon us and it’s still cold but my mind is gradually responding to the slight thaw; the icicles have just disappeared from the garage. I am hoping that I can creep back into my art room and begin to do some work again, there are projects that have been discarded, lying in wait – papier mache eggs that need decorating and I’m running out of time for doing that, I always tend to leave things to the last minute. So. I shall hop upstairs now and get on with the things that I need to do and hopefully post a few pics too.

Spring Thaw


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